The First21 is your solution to the roller coaster cycle of success followed by failure. Most likely, you have tried several programs, leaving you unsatisfied or even feeling defeated. You do not need a new diet. You need something timeless and repeatable.  

The first 21 wellness program was created as a simplified solution, because there are countless complicated programs failing to create the long-term results desired. 

Wellness is to actively engage in a healthy and fulfilling life, which means it is a balancing act. Sometimes we do things that are healthy and sometimes we do things that are fulfilling, but rarely do we engage in constant healthy and fulfilling activities. This means wellness is about adding in the good stuff, while minimizing the bad stuff and repeating this until our action becomes a new healthy habit. 

The First21 is all about making new habits by engaging in healthy activities over doable periods of time. What healthy activates should you do?  There 7 health challenges in the First21, and each of them focuses on a common weakness in the way we eat, move or think. 

These challenges are meant to be repeated to help you continually improve, maintain or even to get you back on track. The First21 program can be done individually, as a small group, or as a corporate wellness program. You can single out one challenge per month, pick 3 and do them at the same time, or repeat one challenge until it has become the healthy habit you desire.


Dr. Geoff Huls DC CCWP


In January of 1999, I was seriously injured physically and emotionally in an automobile collision. This crash caused multiple contusions and fractures, and killed two of my friends. A broken back and fractured leg forced me to walk with crutches followed by several months using a cane. This tragic part of my life will forever be an influence on who I am and what I stand for.

My road to recovery was slow and grueling, but it helped me understand the power of forgiveness, the gift of gratitude, and how heavy the world can be when you hold onto anger, frustration and shame. These are not lessons we can learn overnight. The road from today to tomorrow is never as straight as we would like. Remember to celebrate your successes and handle your setbacks gracefully. 

My wellness journey started with accepting I was not invincible. It sent me on a quest for knowledge and eventually led me to Chiropractic College, where I was introduced to Dr. James Chestnut and the Wellness Certification I hold through Life West & the International Chiropractic Association. His certification’s foundation along with action has allowed me to remodel my own body-mind and help my patients and community on their own wellness journey. Without his influence the First21 would look like other programs on the market – an all or nothing challenge leading to overwhelmedness and defeat more often than habit forming success. 

The First21 was created to be your first steps on a lifetime journey of health and wellness. Based on the principle it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, the First21 works by making things simple. It splits the complexity of wellness into doable health challenges to be carried out over habit-forming periods of time. These challenges are meant to be repeated to help you continually improve, maintain or even to get you back on track. 

The First21 is your friend. It’s your simple, healthy, achievable new habit. And it’s just within your reach!