The videos below are references and resources for the First21 Tabata Challenge. On this page you will find a Tabata Clock Timer, 4 Minute Warm-Ups, Exercise Movements & Cool Down Stretches. Please review page 61 and use the questionnaire on page 63 of the Eat Move Think Workbook before starting the Tabata Challenge.

Tabata Clock Timer

Warmp Ups

Always Warm Up Before Exercising 

Both "4 Minute Warm Ups" include 4 movements. Do each movement for 30 seconds and repeat 1 time. Or, just mirror the person in the video :)Only perform the Advanced Level warm up if you answered YES to all the questions on page 63 of the Eat Move Think workbook. 

Beginner / Intermediate 4 Minute Warm-Up

Advanced 4 Minute Warm-Up

Exercise Movements

Air Squats

Knee Plank

Bird Dog

Knee to Elbow Mountain Climbers

Chair Sit

Controlled Calf Raises

Gluteal Bridge Hands Down

Flutter Kicks

Marching High Knees

Standard Plank


Legs Only Half Bicycle

Plank Pyramids

Superman Flutter Kicks

Mountain Climbers

Reverse Flutter Kicks

Superman Press

Overhead Squat

Standing Bicycles

Cool Down Stretches

Forward Bend Stretch

Triceps Stretch

Lunge Stretch

Cross Body Stretch

Knee Hugs

Wall Stretch

Seated Glute Stretch

Stop Exercising & Seek Medical Help If You Experience Any Of The Following Symptoms: > You feel pain or discomfort> You feel chest pain that could indicate a heart attack, including pain in the neck, jaw, pain traveling down the arm or pain between the shoulder blades> You experience any breathlessness or inability to catch your breath> You develop a rapid or irregular heartbeat during exercise> You experience joint pain persisting after more than three days of rest

Remember: > Visit your doctor for a full check-up before starting any new exercise program> Respect your current fitness level by starting an exercise program at a pace you can maintain.> Injuries require rest and recovery. Working through pain will only cause more damage and delay healing> If you have a pre-existing injury or are prone to injury, consult your doctor before starting any exercise program